Bride-to-be Fabulicious

Head to toe treatment for your big day. Includes nails and feet care with extensive hair removal treatment which is a compulsory package to prepare your special moment. Refreshed body and beautiful nails, ready for the day! (1 pax)

  • Delight Manicure
  • Delight Pedicure
  • Intensive Anti Callus Treatment
  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Half Leg Waxing
  • Free Underarm Waxing

Online Special
205 minutes           RM311 (NP: RM424)

Bride-to-be Blossom

Awaken your beauty inside out. A revitalizing package will suit your taste and preference who want to have body relaxation and pampered with nails and feet treatment. Reveal the bridal glow in you! (1 pax)

  • Delight Manicure
  • Delight Pedicure
  • Intensive Anti Callus Treatment
  • Brightening Body Scrub
  • Rejuvenating Body Massage
  • Oxygenated Water therapy in jacuzzi

Online Special
200 minutes        RM269 (NP: RM336)

Bachelorette Best Time Ever

Turn your bachelorette party in stylish way! Let’s do hand and feet treatments with you BFFs’ and enjoy the favorite cherish moment at spa before your status changed. The best way to hang out and get treatments at the same time. (3 pax)

  • 3x Luxurious Spa Manicure
  • 3x Luxurious Spa Pedicure
  • 3x Luxurious Spa Anti Callus
  • Free 1x  Underarm Waxing

Online Special
130 minutes           RM599 (NP: RM758)

Bachelorette Sweet Moment

Choose spa as your gathering place with the besties. Sit back and enjoy the treatment session while having girls talk in serene and calming ambience. (3 pax)

  • 1x Luxurious Spa Manicure
  • 1x Luxurious Spa Anti Callus
  • 2x Delight Manicure
  • 2x Intensive Anti Callus Treatment
  • 3x Delight Pedicure

Online Special
120 minutes           RM437 (NP: RM548)