Patina: Olea Acne Scrub (Clarifies & Exfoliates)



Quantity: 200ml

If you’re looking to exfoliate, soften, reduce acne and brighten your skin with one hero product, it’s time you met Patina’s Olea Acne Body Scrub.

  • Rich in natural minerals and gentle exfoliating elements.
  • Uniting with 2 elements- Sea salts & Walnut Shell, and the formula the formula sweeps away dead skin cells and helps lighten scarring, locking in moisture to leave behind a super-smooth, beautifully scented finish.
  • Enriched with Bengkoang extract to provide fairer, brighter & more radiant skin.
  • It will also helps to improve circulation for a reduction in breakouts, revive & tone tired looking skin.

Recommended 3 times a week. Frequently use after night shower to let the minerals absorbs deeply onto your skin and leave the scent for whole day.

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