Rush Hour Manicure

An express way to treat your nails. Using a cuticle pusher, the cuticle is carefully pushed back along the nail bed. The excess skin and hangnails are trimmed but never cut off the entire cuticle. You will get a complimentary drops of Kutika Miracle Cuticle Nail Serum to strengthen your nails and nail beds.

Absolutely Polished Manicure

Received FULL Manicure treatment inclusive nails cut, shape, cuticle care, nail buff, hand scrub and hand moisturizer. Final touch with drops of Curio signature Kutika Miracle Cuticle Nail Serum for your nail health and management.

Kuku Cengkam with Full Manicure

A special treatment for ingrown nails problems which can solve your misery, completed with manicure session to repair & cure your nails. To protect the nails from infections and inflammation, drops of Kutika Miracle Cuticle Nail Serum surely provide what you need.

Luxe Manicure Spa

Spoil your mood to an overall manicure pampering experience to a healthy hands and nails nourished with Patina treatment hand mask covered with electric warm hand mitten which can brighten and soften your skin for a fresh & gorgeous nail look. Plus, essential drops of Kutika Miracle Cuticle Nail Serum to complete a session.