Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle yet precise circular pressure is good for healing acne, relieving fatigue and reduces cellulites. The main focus of this massage is the lymphatic drainage is known for healing and enhances immune system to the maximum. You may consult the therapists for the sufficient amount of pressure preferred.

60 mins                           RM110
90 mins                           RM135

Muscle Relaxer Massage

Balinese massage techniques emphasizes sliding motions with heel of hands, palms and thumb pressure.This technique also includes gentle and relaxing strokes as well as vigorous pressure point stimulations. The massage will not leave pain with deep tissue work, the pressure is customisable due to your preferences.

60 mins                           RM90
90 mins                           RM120

Best Deals: Relaxing Massage

A signature touch of Curio Spa, aims for relaxing and self indulgence. We are implementing Swedish techniques which practised and well known globally. The massage can revive the body stiffness and freshen up the points by effleurage, tapotement, kneading and etc. Suitable for people who wants to be relaxed and improve blood circulation.

60 mins                           RM88
90 mins                           RM108